Here you can view our moving tips video with helpful tips from Jim!

Tips for Moving

  • Reserve your mover as soon as possible.
  • Discard what you do not use or need before the move.
  • If moving to a smaller home consider storing those items you don’t have room for but wish to keep.
  • Arrange for cleaning of rugs, draperies, etc.
  • Determine the location of larger pieces of furniture and appliances at your new home.
  • Make elevator reservations in advance of move.
  • Keep hand tools handy.
  • Do not put tape on furniture to keep the drawers closed.

Packing Tips

  • Don’t overpack or underpack boxes.
  • Start your packing early.
  • Pack heavy items into smaller boxes and bulkier items into larger boxes. Try to keep the boxes at 5o pounds or less.
  • Don’t pack heavy and fragile items in the same box.
  • Keep several boxes open until all items are removed from your old home for last minute packing.
  • Clearly mark the room on each box.

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